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We are thrilled to announce our “Go Pro with $1” campaign! This innovative initiative brings our community together to collectively purchase a pro license for a premium theme or plugin—no nulled plugins, just genuine pro features. With just a $1 contribution, you can unlock powerful features and enhance your website’s capabilities by receiving the pro license.

Using nulled plugins can expose your website to security risks and lack of updates. By participating in our campaign, you ensure you receive a legitimate, fully licensed plugin or theme, keeping your website secure and up-to-date.

Campaign Details:

Here’s how it works:

  • Selected Plugin/Theme: This month, we’ve chosen the [Name of Plugin/Theme], known for its outstanding features and flexibility.
  • Contribution: Each participant contributes only $1, making it an incredibly affordable way to access premium tools.
  • Goal: Once we reach our funding target, we will purchase the pro license and distribute it to all contributors.
  • Note: Not all themes and plugins can be included in the campaign due to licensing restrictions and availability. We carefully select the best options that benefit our community the most.

For full details and to participate in the campaign, please visit our dedicated campaign page at http://www.gopro.tunibest.com .

Subdomain] (e.g., campaigns.yoursite.com).

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Why Choose One Dollar WP Store?

Unlock Excellence! Here are the top four compelling reasons to invest in premium WordPress themes & plugins from One Dollar WP Store:

  • Original & Legal: Access plugins and themes with complete legal assurance. We source directly from the original authors and developers under the GPL license, ensuring a secure, lawful, and legitimate distribution.
  • Verified from VirusTotal: Rest assured, our products undergo rigorous scrutiny and verification through VirusTotal Secure. This guarantees that all our plugins are entirely free from viruses, ensuring a 100% clean and secure experience for you.
  • Instant Download: Unlock the freshest plugins and themes instantly upon payment. No waiting, just smooth downloads of the latest versions, ensuring you effortlessly stay ahead of the curve.
  • Regular Updates: Experience the pinnacle of innovation! Our plugins and themes are swiftly updated to the latest versions right upon release. Enjoy a seamless flow of cutting-edge features and enhancements, ensuring you stay at the forefront without any delays.

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Why Participate?

  • Enhanced Features: The pro license offers advanced features that will significantly improve our website’s functionality and user experience.
  • Community Driven: Your small contribution makes a big impact when we all come together.
  • Personal Benefit: Each contributor will receive the pro license once our goal is achieved, allowing you to enhance your own projects.
  • No Nulled Plugins: Rest assured, all plugins and themes are fully licensed and legitimate.
  • Recognition: All contributors will be acknowledged on our site, celebrating your support and involvement.

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Call to Action:

Join us in making this campaign a success! Contributing is simple:

  1. Visit our campaign page at [Your Subdomain] (e.g., campaigns.yoursite.com).
  2. Click the contribution link.
  3. Donate $1 through our secure payment system.
  4. Spread the word to help us reach our goal faster!


  • Unlock Premium Features: Enjoy the benefits of a professional-grade theme/plugin that enhances site performance.
  • Personal Use: Receive the pro license for your own use as a thank you for your contribution.
  • Be Part of Something Bigger: Your contribution helps build a better community resource, reflecting the power of collective effort.
  • Exclusive Updates: Get early access to updates and insights on how the pro features are being utilized, and see firsthand the improvements your support brings.


Don’t miss out on this chance to contribute to our community, receive a pro license, and enjoy the perks of advanced features. Every dollar counts, and together, we can achieve greatness. Thank you for your support!

For more information, contact us at gobro@tunibest.com or visit http://www.gopro.tunibest.com .


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